Odour Control

Many industries are confronted with tightening regulations in respect of odour emission. As residential areas expand closer and closer in the direction of industrial zones the need for odour control measures increase.

QM Environmental International offers several sustainable odour control solutions which are aimed at eliminating odours emitted from:


  • Industrial manufacturing plants
  • Pumping stations in sewer networks
  • Restaurant kitchens
  • Waste transport, processing & composting
  • Wastewater Treatment & Sludge Processing

QM Environmental International offers several solutions which can be utilized to handle emissions from these sectors.

QM Environmental International solutions comprise:

  • MicroCat®-ANL, A liquid microbial formulation that breaks down volatile fatty acids and converts sulphides into elemental sulfur in sewer networks, composting plants and sewage treatment plants. This prevents the formation of bad smells and H2S, which also prevents corrosion caused by H2S gas.
  • Dry Vapour Unit, An innovative odour control system to reduce almost any kind of odour emission inside buildings and in the outdoor surrounding areas. Suited for indoor and outdoor installation.
  • QM-Atom Range, Odor neutralizing agents suitable for use in traditional odour control spray systems.

MicroCat-ANL for H2S control in sewer lines, puming stations & sewage treatment plants

Dry Vapour Unit for water free atmospheric odour control

QM-Atom range for traditional odour neutralization

QM Environmental International solutions assist in:

  • Reduction of sewage odor and the formation of hydrogen sulfide gas in sewer lines, pumping stations and sewage treatment plants, which prevents corrosion caused by H2S gas
  • Minimize odour emissions in the surrounding area’s of restaurant kitchens, wastewater treatment plants, waste processing and composting sites
  • Avoid odour buildup inside manfacturing plants

Reduced odour emissions result in:

  • Fewer odour complaints
  • Improved health conditions for workers and nearby residents
  • Increased service life of sewer networks
  • Uninterupted work processes

More than a product

At QM Environmental International, we’re focused on producing results, not just selling product. We aim to solve the root problem behind odour problems, not simply treat symptoms. Thus, we only deploy our solutions after a site investigation by our team of seasoned professionals.

As a result our solutions are able to achieve:

  • Consistent, more stable operations
  • Increased revenues from the operation

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