Case Study | Atmospheric Odor Control

Manufacturing industries, solid waste transfer and processing companies and wastewater treatment plants are more and more confronted by local residents complaining about the bad smells they experience in their living environment. Local authorities demand that the perpetrators of the problem do something with regard to limiting the odor emission. Companies who want to avoid complaints from local residents already take precautionary steps to limit the emission they create.

Case study Odor Control Sludge transfer with DVU

The dewatering and removal of dried sewage sludge from sewage treatment plants is accompanied by a lot of odor emission. During the dewatering process, a lot of H2S and ammonia is released and the dewatered sludge also continues to emit odour. This poses a problem during the storage and loading of trucks that dispose of the dried sludge. In this case study it is described how on a sludge loading station of a municipal sewage treatment plant with the help of the DVU system, the stench is neutralized so that when the doors of the sludge loading building are open, there is no nuisance to the surrounding area and the truck driver can get in and out of his truck without any problems.