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in Restaurant Kitchens
The successful application of microbial products for the maintenance of drain and grease traps from commercial kitchens is often hampered by the use of aggressive, disinfecting chemical cleaners. Read more about these effects in this white paper.
White Paper Effects of Quaternary Amine Sanitizers on the Activity of Microbial Drain Cleaners

Case Study

Case study: Large Fast Food Restaurant chain solves grease trap problems

This case study describes how a large American fast food chain solves problems with the fat separators at 19 different restaurant locations with MicroCat-DNTRF.

Case study: FOG reduction in a grease trap of a Fried Chicken chain Restaurant

This case study describes how fat, oil and grease (FOG) levels in the effluent of a grease trap of a fried chicken restaurant chain are reduced.

Case study: KFC Restaurant grease trap maintenance success

This case study describes how a KFC restaurant improves the performance of the kitchen drains and grease trap at lower costs.

Case Study: Removal of oil spills on a Drive Thru strip of a Fast Food restaurant

This case study describes how a Fast Food restaurant removes oil stains from the Drive Thru lane.